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Digital Identity with Attestations and Value Transfer Capabilities
Everest Indonesia Case Study
Founders’ Update – Q4 2019
Austrac registers Everest’s platform…
Founders Update – Q3 2019
Everest Honored with Ethereum Foundation Grant
Founders Update – Q2 2019
Everest selected for Inclusive Fintech 50
Visa, the MetLife Foundation, Accion, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank Group, founded the Inclusive Fintech 50 to recognize promising early-stage fintech companies that are driving financial inclusion.
Founders Update – Q1 2019
Update on the Everest Project from the two founders.
Atomic Swaps
in this post, we aim to explain how cryptocurrencies can be exchanged without the need of a trusted third party through what is known as “atomic swaps”.
Biometry and why we use it
height, hair color or hair consistency are physiological characteristics of the individual that are distinctive and unique. These are joined by fingerprint, face geometry, iris pattern, hand geometry, hand or retina vein geometry, heart rhythm and footprint as physiological biometrics. Behavioral biometrics sample non-visible characteristics of the person like typing rhythm, walking gait, and voice patterns.
Forks, and why we use them
The word “fork” is going to be used to describe what a software fork is, why someone would fork software, what a blockchain fork is, and differentiate the different types of forks used to fork blockchain protocols.
Identity: the ‘OS layer’ of an economy
All transactions are based on trust. It is the simple bedrock of any economic system.
Exchanges: Centralized vs Decentralized
The following is a brief description meant to help readers understand the subtle differences that make these two exchange types distinguishably different and outline the pros and cons of each.
Which type of wallet should I use?
When first introduced to distributed technologies and cryptocurrencies, many people are curious about safe storage practices.
Ghosts in the machine: the billion people locked out of the global economy
Who are you? How would you answer that question if your passport, driving license, social security number, or the deeds to your house had been stripped away?
The blockchain engine is the consensus algorithm
Just like a sewing machine pulls forward a little bit of thread from the last stitch, a blockchain uses the hash of the previous data chunk (a derived fingerprint of the data) as a piece of the calculations to make the next block of data.
Creating sustainable and inclusive growth via blockchain technology
The Sustainable Development Goals project is a series of objectives set out by the United Nations designed to help humanity prosper peacefully whilst preserving the planet for future generations.
How the blockchain and tokens power DApps
Blockchains and tokens power a new type of application, the DApp, learn more here.
Interview – Bullish Podcast – 20 September 2018
Crypto Commission, Let's Talk Coin - Bullish Podcast interview with Bob Reid, Everest CEO
The digital revolution: Accessing the economy without a smartphone
Owning technology shouldn't prevent anyone from participating in the digital economy - find out how Everest solves this and other problems.
“Cryptocurrency vs. Token, What’s the Difference?”
How cryptocurrencies and tokens are different conceptually and examples of those differences are highlighted in this blog post.
Interview – Ledger Status Podcast – 8 September 2018
Ledger Status interview with Everest CEO Bob Reid
Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
A blockchain is related to cryptocurrencies - but they are not the same thing - learn about those differences here.
Interview – Crypto Street Podcast – 4 September 2018
Everest CEO Bob Reid interviewed on Crypto Street Podcast
Hitting Zero: Reducing risk through biometric value transfer
Transferring value to aid recipients who are biometrically verified changes fundamental aspects of aid delivery.
Introducing Everest Platform and Protocol
A discussion of the three components of the Everest platform: EverID, EverWallet and EverChain, and how they combine power various applications.
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