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It has been an eventful Q3 for the team and we are happy to share some exciting news with you, our supporters, advisors and friends:

Samoa Fieldwork Update:
In partnership with the Asian Development Bank, we are preparing for our next deployment. Our team is installing our platform into the Central Bank of Samoa, and working with remittance operators from Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand to on-board users to enable cross-border remittances, all using KYC’ed EverID digital identities, transacting value between EverWallets in CRDT Tokens, and recorded to the EverChain distributed ledger.



Our CEO with Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia,
and reps from ADB, IMF, DFAT and Austrac

Our CEO with some Samoan colleagues and the
Commissioner of the Office of Electoral Commission

Other Updates:

Thank You!
We truly appreciate your continued support of Everest and our mission to change the way that identity verification and value exchange is conducted. Please contact us directly if you have any comments or feedback – [email protected].

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Bob Reid and Brad Witteman