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It’s been quite an exciting 2019 already, and it’s only March 🙂

We are happy to share some exciting news with you, our supporters, advisors and friends.

Indonesia Fieldwork Update:

In late February we began enrolling users in the 3 of the 34 provinces in Indonesia. This project is in partnership with the Government of Indonesia, Bank BRI (the largest bank in the country), and ID2020. The partnership facilitates the distribution of fuel subsidies through the cash transfer of our native stable currency, CRDT, to individuals now with EverWallets associated with their EverID digital identities. This is the culmination of an incredible amount of hard work by our team to customize the unique requirements needed by both the Government of Indonesia and BRI. Our original Press Release can be found here – Original Press Release of Indonesia Project.

Check out some of our pictures from the field in rural Indonesia!

Agent Training
An Enrolled Beneficiary
Enrollment under way

Upcoming Updates:

We are continuing to develop additional projects that allow us to deliver on our promise of Financial Services Elevating Humanity – more to come soon.

Thank You!

We truly appreciate your continued support of Everest and our mission to change the way that identity verification and value exchange is conducted. Please contact us directly if you have any comments or feedback- [email protected].

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