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Fintech Elevating Humanity
Everest is a decentralized platform incorporating a massively scalable payment solution, EverChain, with a multi-currency wallet, EverWallet, and a native biometric identity system, EverID. Everest delivers a complete solution for a new economy.
EverWallet EverChain EverID CRDT Token
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Everest Use Cases
Covid-19 App:
Read about Everest and the Novel Coronavirus.
Cash Transfer:
100% validation of money sent to biometrically verified users
Cross Border:
Easy, cost-effective way to send money across borders
image/svg+xml kyc aml
Regulatory-compliant financial transactions with KYC, AML, CFT, PEP & sanctions checks
Full solution to lend money to the billions of people and SMEs
ID Verification:
Verify users through biometrics, government IDs and third party attestations
Medical Records:
Manage documents hosted in the cloud or device, track healthcare for all
Combine titles, GPS coordinates, and identities to bank and secure land
Collect documents, biometrically sign contracts to serve billions of users with or without devices
How Everest Removes
the Barriers
Everest is the world’s only device-free globally accessible, digital transaction protocol with built-in identity. Through the use of digital identities, electronic wallets, document management, and biometrics, users will be able to digitally verify their identity for public services and claim their social and economic rights.
Device-free identity verification
Peer-to-peer registration using biometric data allows anyone, anywhere to enroll in the platform, without the need for a device.
Seamless value transfer
Everest reduces leakage, fraud, friction, and data access costs with a transparent transaction record and verifiable identity.
Total financial inclusion
Creating global access to existing financial services unlocks the $20 trillion economy of emerging markets.
Individual empowerment
Everest enables users to be in total control of their data and provides access to formal economic systems.
Institutional efficiency
Reduced transfer and data storage fees will allow institutional growth in emerging nations.
Economic growth
The deviceless nature of the platform will empower half of the world's population with new economic opportunities.
Digital Identity on the blockchain is a gateway to all other use cases...
- Asian Development Bank

The inability to prove identity is the single most significant barrier to economic inclusion. Banks, governments, NGOs, hospitals, businesses & users require ID verification, a wallet, and transaction system to exchange value.

Everest is the world’s only device-free globally accessible, digital transaction protocol with built-in identity.
Intro Presentation KYC/AML Compliance Intro
The Principles of Everest:
All individuals can be included without a smart device.
The individual will own and control their information.
All information will be shared selectively and be resilient against attack.
Sustainable Development
The Everest project has been created with four clear components. This is in order to safeguard all user data and keep user access free and ongoing forever.
EverID: Decentralized Identity Platform
EverID gives a person the ability to record, update, store, and share identity information without the need to own technology or have a network connection.
EverWallet: Supports Multiple Currencies and Document Storage
EverWallet provides the ability for a person to store and exchange value. EverWallet supports the inclusion of other wallet technologies to provide a complete solution.
CRDT Token: Flexible Value Storage Stablecoin
The stable currency pegged to the United States Dollar, where 1 CRDT = 1 US penny ($0.01). It is used to represent the value of a good, service or currency.
EverChain: Very Scalable Value Exchange Platform
The underlying technology which records all transactions in Everest. Simple value exchange to document sharing, EverChain and solidity smart-contracts can power any transaction.
The Identity Network (IN) is a non-profit, stewarded identity and value transfer network for the common good of the planet. The individual’s information cannot be recorded, transferred or used in any manner without their direct consent.
The ID token and the Identity Network ecosystem
IDs are a utility token enabling access to the Identity Network and every exchange of value in the economy.
Receiving payments is always free within the system, but users need to stake 1-100 IDs in their wallet if they want to send payments.
Like within all large systems, the higher levels of data, complexity, visibility and targeting require a larger stake, up to 250,000 IDs.
Institutions need to stake varying amounts of IDs to gain tiered levels of access and additional IDs for market-specific applications.
Everest is made up of an experienced team with multiple successful IPOs, acquisitions, and startup and blockchain projects behind them
Bob Reid
Co-Founder and CEO

GM, BitTorrent, Partner Kai Labs (blockchain consultancy), CEO & Co-founder VelocityBits, Strategy & Biz Dev DivX, CEO Skyclix, leads teams, 2 IPOs, 2 acquisitions.

Brad Witteman
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Senior positions at BitTorrent & Emergent (DAOstack); Chief of Product, Moby (blockchain DAPP for health records); Sr. Director Product; DivX, CTO Skyclix.

Gautam Ramnath

International consultant to Gates Foundation; Business Development at Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition; VP Ops at Millennium Challenge; Project Director at US State Dept., Tunisia.

Jeanette Seng

Startup veteran in various blockchain, FinTech and financial startups with over 15 years experience including C-level and executive positions. Passionate about financial inclusion she actively contributes time to various entrepreneurial and inclusive non-profits.

Joseph Morris

Blockchain-enthusiast focused on application and implementation; Executive at Bitcoin Bravado; Head of Market Analysis at Coinosophy; Senior Associate at Grant Thornton LLP; Managing Partner, The Ilios Group.

Sander van Zoest

Technologist, Advisor with over 20 years of experience with emphasis on startups, scaling and product/technology fit. Operations at Joost; Chief Architect, DivX; Engineering at, Yahoo!, Covalent and Disney.

Amry Amanah

Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast with more than 7 years experience in IT industry in Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Experienced in computer vision, machine learning, data analytics, quality engineering, and software engineering.

Claire Camilleri Gauci
Compliance Officer

Interested in international finance, cross-border trade and the future of both with the rapidly changing technology landscape. Having worked with both the Maltese Financial Services Authority and other organizations in senior Compliance roles, she has a unique and valuable viewpoint on these changes.

Petri Tuoko
Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)

Interested in distributed systems, blockchain and fintech. Petri started in insurance and investment banking in Finland and Belgium before holding managerial positions with Ganado Advocates and HSBC International in Malta.

Yanuar Affandy

Software Engineer passionate about building disruptive applications. More than 8 years of experience working on a variety of projects with clients from the Netherlands, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Rani Yanarastri

Project control engineer with 5 years experience in software, construction and IT projects focused on project scheduling and controlling. Passionate about innovative projects that have a social impact and provide solutions for better living.

Felipe Wasson

Blockchain Fanatic, UC Berkeley Graduate in Global Studies & Economic Development: Communications intern at the United Nations headquarters for Venezuela, Colombia & Ecuador; determined to alleviate poverty in Latin America.

Supported by a group of finance, blockchain, governanace, identity, and humanitarian thought leaders
Aya Miyaguchi
Executive Director Ethereum Foundation

Executive Director: The Ethereum Foundation. Leads Ethereum's day-to-day operations. Managing Director of Kraken; Founder of Japan Blockchain association; Cofounder of Table For Two; NPO to tackle poverty and obesity.

Atsushi Taira
Chief Growth Officer of Mistletoe

Venture capital executive with broad operational experience developed at Softbank, Brightstar, Yahoo! Japan, DoCoMo, and Coca-Cola.

President Toomas Hendrik
Former President of Estonia

Led sovereign govt. deployment of social services on a blockchain, with data exchange between multiple agencies.

Chris Wilson
Founder: Water and Healthcare Foundation

Business consulting, financial services, and operational executive focused on humanitarian service delivery in the developing world.

Greg Horowitt
Advisor to UCSD and Stanford University

Kauffman Fellow; Co-Founder Global Connect at UCSD; Berkshire Hathaway; Innovation Ecosystem Architect; Author of “The Rainforest”.

Ambasador Jamal Khokhar
Former Chief of Staff, Inter-American Development Bank

Former Ambassador to Brazil, Chief of Staff at the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB), Department of Outreach and Partnerships.

Jordan Greenhall
CEO at Neurohacker Collective

Founder & CEO of DivX; SVP of; Santa Fe Institute; Harvard Law.

Wilson Choi, CFA
Founder FundV & Beam Capital

Venture capitalist invested in 20+ blockchain & Internet projects, including crypto-
exchanges Quoine, EXX, Coinsuper etc. Former HSBC derivatives dealer.

Our Partners
We’re supported by a network of global financial institutions, humanitarian organizations, governments and partners.
Read about the Everest team and project
Everest is gaining traction around the world. Catch up with the story so far:
Everest is gaining traction around the world.
Catch up with the story so far:
17 June 2019 – Everest chosen for Inclusive Fintech 50 2019 by MetLife Foundation, Visa Inc, global nonprofit Accion and World Bank Group member IFC
"Inclusive Fintech 50 demonstrates that there are fintechs able to reach underserved populations with appropriate financial products,” said Sarah Willis, Director of Financial Health & Inclusion at MetLife Foundation.”
28 March 2019 - "Everest to supply KYC platform in Samoa for cross-border transactions."
Asian Development Bank (ADB) has selected Everest, a California-based firm that uses blockchain for know-your-customer (KYC) purposes, to fix a cross-border issue in Samoa, Australia and New Zealand.
16 March 2019 – "Ultimately, we will see decentralized blockchain systems such as Everest take hold because of the way they uniquely address the 2 biggest components of Identity: Authentication and Authorization. "
For something as critical as individual biometric identity, a centralized system, vulnerable to compromise, should be a non-starter.
3 January 2019 - "Identity startup Everest is addressing the challenges of the identity for development (ID4D) market with a new platform based on blockchain and biometrics."
Organizations use the Everest platform to manage large identity projects, and those partners help users create an EverID, which is derived from a multi-modal biometric enrollment. ”
3 December 2018 – "Everest’s technology can thus be used as a means to verify identity, prevent human trafficking, store medical records and keep refugees in contact with other family members."
“Everest, the world’s only device-free globally accessible, digital transaction protocol with built-in identity.
26 October 2018 – (Everest) "hopes to take people from the 9th-century economy to a 21st-century economy in one step,”
Everest gives the average person the ability to prove who they are, exchange value with another individual or institution...”
18 October 2018 - "Everest strives to include the 'Bottom of the Pyramid'—the 'unbanked' and the 'unverified'—within its solution...focused on the developing world, we believe that it is essential to account for individuals lacking sufficient resources."
To accommodate for illiteracy and a lack of technological know-how... Everest will also allow coaches—or “agents”—to guide users through any process.”
10 October 2018 – "The partnership will utilize 1000 Alternatives’ incubators in each country to train entrepreneurs to build distributed applications (“DApps”) on top of the Everest platform."
“We look forward to seeing entrepreneurs leverage these existing, proven technologies to develop and deliver unique DApps.
26 September 2018 - "Everest and Diamond Fortress Technologies, Inc., Announce Exclusive Partnership to Enroll Millions of Users onto the Everest Platform "
“We are excited to partner with Diamond Fortress Technologies... Together, we’re solving the world’s identity crisis.
14 September 2018 - " Everest, ID2020 and the Government of Indonesia (TNP2K Secretariat) Announce Innovative Identity and Blockchain Pilot "
“By delivering subsidies to biometrically validated digital wallets and savings accounts over a transparent and low-cost blockchain, the government is modernizing government service delivery
5 September 2018 – Everest, Cambodian Health Ministry, & WAH Foundation partner to develop Blockchain driven Maternal Health Care & Admin in Cambodia
“Leapfrogging existing technology empowers rapid and cost-effective deployment of [healthcare] services”
14 August 2018 – Blockchain-based value transfer and identity platform adds billions of people to the global economy
“Everest is leveraging the power, transparency, and security of the blockchain to unlock the dormant $20 trillion-dollar emerging market economy
29 April 2018 – In February 2018 Ms. Miyaguchi was appointed executive director of the Ethereum Foundation and discusses Ethereum and Everest (EverID).
“This is an exciting time to be working in technology and blockchain.”
12 April 2018 – The ultimate goal is a system in which a user owns and totally controls some kind of digital wallet.
“ personal view is that the eventual end goal is digital ID, and beneficiaries must own and control their data.
17 March 2018 – Blockchain is being used in a wide range of uses including tracking, accounting, and identification (ID).
Without an ID, you can not receive medical treatment, education, or you can not have a bank account.”
29 January 2018 – Brochure for the UN Women humanitarian simulation Everest (EverID) participated in.
“Blockchain Live Test & Simulation: Solutions for Women and Girls in Humanitarian Settings
Learn more about the Everest project and team
from interviews and our team's blog:
Digital Identity with Attestations and Value Transfer Capabilities
INTRODUCTION Digital Identity is a topic that is often discussed/debated, but also vastly misun.
Everest Indonesia Case Study
A comprehensive breakdown of using biometric cloud wallets to distribute and redeem aid benefits in .
Founders’ Update – Q4 2019
Hi there, It has been an eventful Q4 for the team in terms of development, and we are happy to shar.
Austrac registers Everest’s platform…
As part of our continued work with the Asian Development Bank to build the Central Bank of Samoa’s.
Founders Update – Q3 2019
Hi there, It has been an eventful Q3 for the team and we are happy to share some exciting news wi.
Everest Honored with Ethereum Foundation Grant
Everest is honored to receive a grant from the Ethereum Foundation to post 3rd party attestations to.
Founders Update – Q2 2019
Hi There,   It has been an exciting Q2 for the team and we are happy to share some exciti.
Everest selected for Inclusive Fintech 50
Visa, the MetLife Foundation, Accion, and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) of the World B.
Founders Update – Q1 2019
Hi There, It’s been quite an exciting 2019 already, and it’s only March :-) We are happy to s.
Atomic Swaps
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Biometry and why we use it
When I was growing up I went to school with a pair of twins, not just twins, but identical twins.
Forks, and why we use them
“Fork in the road” The word “fork”, used as a noun, has always been used to describe an o.
Identity: the ‘OS layer’ of an economy
All transactions are based on trust. It is the simple bedrock of any economic system.
Exchanges: Centralized vs Decentralized
In a previous post, we dissected the different ways of storing crypto assets and highlighted the d.
Which type of wallet should I use?
When first introduced to distributed technologies and cryptocurrencies, many people .
Ghosts in the machine: the billion people locked out of the global economy
Who are you?
The blockchain engine is the consensus algorithm
What is a blockchain?
Creating sustainable and inclusive growth via blockchain technology
The Sustainable Development Goals project is a series of objectives set out by the United Nations .
How the blockchain and tokens power DApps
“There’s An App For That™.
Interview – Bullish Podcast – 20 September 2018
Crypto Commission - @Let's Talk Coin Here's the latest episode of #BullishPodcast with Bob Reid, .
The digital revolution: Accessing the economy without a smartphone
How we identify ourselves is changing.
“Cryptocurrency vs. Token, What’s the Difference?”
In a past blog post, “Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency”, we explained the difference between this pair o.
Interview – Ledger Status Podcast – 8 September 2018
Bringing crypto to the world, with Everest founder Bob Reid Click to Watch Ledger Status Podcast .
Blockchain Vs Cryptocurrency
What is the difference between a blockchain and a cryptocurrency?
Interview – Crypto Street Podcast – 4 September 2018
Here is The Crypto Street Podcast – Episode 92 featuring Bob Reid, CEO of Everest Published on Se.
Hitting Zero: Reducing risk through biometric value transfer
Financial institutions calculate their investments based on risk versus reward.
Introducing Everest Platform and Protocol
Welcome to Everest, we’re glad you could join us.
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Covid-19 App:
Cash Transfer:
Cross Border:
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ID Verification:
Medical Records: